S. Structure

Any business network requires an operating structure. This may mean we are reusing, extending, or repurposing, an existing non-DLT based business network organisation. We may also be creating a new legal entity. Activities in this section aim to help establish a strawman structure. More detailed needs are addressed in following sections.

S.1. Define Business Network Mission

  • Describe the purpose of the network. If existing, does repurposing the network on Corda alter the mission?
  • Describe asset type(s) involved, exchanged, affected in the business transactions.
  • Describe the participants at a high level (details covered later).

S.2. Assign Business Network Roles

  • Business Network Governor (BNG)?
  • Business Network Operator (BNO)?
  • If the BN already exists, are there roles already established that should be included or mapped to the above roles?